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RobotTesler App
Official Websitewww.Tesler.co
Support TypesEmail, Chat
Min.t Deposit$200
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Deposit & Withdrawal MethodsVISA, MasterCard, Maestro, Discover, GiroPay, POLO, Skrill Moneybookers
Nо. of Assets70+
Overall Score9.6/10

Full Review

Created by Steven Abrahams, the Tesler App is a popular financial trading robot. But, considering the fact that the market is already saturated with fake trading systems, is it possible that this app is genuine?

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If you have doubts or concerns about this trading tool, we encourage you to read this review till the end.

The Tesler App Makes Trading Easy

The Tesler App generates signals on the basis of algorithms and technical indicators. The software scans the financial markets in search of trading opportunities and once it has identified favourable positions, it sends signals directly to the trading platform.

Most of the hard work is carried by the software itself. This means that traders are at least free from carrying out complicated technical analysis, comprehending complex charts and graphs and making predictions about market movements. Manual analysis is often daunting and challenging and the worst part about it is that it takes a lot of time to come up with signals. So by the time the trader identifies an opportunity, it becomes too late to execute the order. Lack of speed and accuracy often leads to missed opportunities for manual traders.

But, when you have a tool like Tesler App by your side, there is no need to worry about speed and accuracy. The software is super-fast and is capable of analysing vast amounts of information within seconds. Its precision is also unmatched making it one of the best trading tools available on the market today.

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No Download Required

Tesler App can be used with the web browser. There is no need for any installation or download. As long as you have your login details for your account, you can trade from any computer, including your mobile device while you are on the move.

Expected Returns

This state-of-the-art trading system can simplify the investment process for you and help you achieve stable returns. It is not possible to say how much it will generate for you. But if you use it on a daily basis and execute lots of trades by using its signals, you will be able to get solid returns.

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What is the Cost?

You will be glad to hear that Tesler App is a free trading software. It doesn’t cost anything to sign up for it or use the services offered by the tool. But it is important to note that only a limited number of licenses will be issued. So if you don’t want to miss out on the chance to grab this amazing piece of trading software for free, you should register quickly.

Is Tesler App Scam or Legit?

In their promo video, Steven Abraham can be seen talking about his software. From what he is saying and from what we have managed to find out about the Tesler App, we can confirm that it is worth using. This app is free from scams and proven to be a legitimate option for trading.

According to Steven, he found massive success with his app. To prove how well it works he goes to random people asking them to sign up and see for themselves what the app can do for them. We can see in the video that this software generally works for everyone; regardless of their knowledge of the financial markets or their experience in online trading.

It is quite possible that the Tesler software app is one of the best investment robots to be released in recent years.  It seems like it is just a brand new entrant in the world of financial trading but it has managed to associate itself with well established and popular brokers.  

Even a slight glance at the Tesler investment solution will leave you impressed. Obviously it is the quality of the product, the simplicity with which it operates and the features it integrates that makes it stand out among the rest. One of the strongest points about this app is that it doesn’t make any effort or attempt to tell you how much earnings you can accumulate. It does its best to produce top quality signals and lets its performance and results do the talking.  

This software has left many traders amazed with the kind of results it produces

The Tesler App comprises of special features, the latest in trading technology and innovative algorithms which enable it to achieve impressive results. We have tested the features and found them to be unique and fully capable of assisting traders with their tasks. We don’t have any reason to believe that it could be a scam. Steven has been featured in popular channels and magazines like Bloomberg and Forbes. He has vast experience as an investor in Wall Street as well.

Customer Support

A legitimate company will always ensure that their members are taken care of extremely well when using their products or services. Tesler App understands that most of its members are new and therefore they need constant help and support. For this reason they have put together a professional customer support team.

Their team can be reached via phone, email and even live chat. They are extremely friendly and available during the normal trading hours to provide assistance to their members.


Our team of investigators has managed to prove that Tesler App is a reliable and safe trading solution. The software can be used by both beginner and advanced traders to enhance their gains. With its inbuilt features and characteristics the software is quite capable of helping traders minimize their trading risks. It can also generate stable returns from their investments.

We really admire the features of this app and since we don’t have doubts regarding its legitimacy. We would like to encourage our readers to get the app and benefit from it.

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