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Buyer's Guide: Bicycle Covers

Bicycle Covers Buying Guide

Bicycle covers can be purchased in a huge range of materials and styles. The market for these products is not limited to one type of material or color and can depend on the customer's preferences. Empire Covers is a company that has been producing high quality bicycle covers and accessories for more than 40 years. They have an extensive catalog with many choices for covers that are both stylish and functional. The company produces a variety of materials and styles including fabric, vinyl, synthetic, cotton duck, leather and vinyl protectors and covers.

Their fabrics range from polyester and Dacron to vinyl and fleece. Bikes can be covered from the front, back or both. The company's models include a wide range of sizes, including classic and touring bikes. Here is a short description of their bike covers in alphabetical order according to key features:

EZeebike Coverlet The EZeebike Coverlet offers good value for money. It comes with a single zippered pocket and includes a Dacron-like velour fabric. It is very lightweight and waterproof but not totally waterproof. There is also a hook and loop fastener at the bottom of the seat tube for securing your bike. The EZeebike is made by Empire Covers and is compatible with all bikes manufactured by this brand.

Covercraft Super Cover The Covercraft Super Cover has a simple yet elegant design. The main key features are its waterproof/breathable properties, ease of cleaning and its attractive appearance. This outdoor cover is made from polyethylene, which is resistant to mildew and dirt and doesn't show signs of wear. It is also resistant to ultraviolet light, making it ideal for the summer months and for use in combination with other covers.

Covercraft H4 Bike Cover The H4 bike covers offer great value. They are made from polyurethane that is resistant to UV rays, so they won't fade. They are designed to fit all kinds of bikes including touring bikes and road bikes. The H4 bike covers pro tool waterproof and breathable properties and come in several colors.

Covercraft Pro Tool Steel Fiber Bike Cover The Pro Tool steel fiber bike cover is made to fit all types of bikes. Its waterproof properties include resistance to mildew and discoloration, making it ideal for use in combination with other covers. The large size allows it to serve as a rolling bike cover. It can be taken on trips or for camping and is available in several colors. This is one of the best values and features available in a bike cover.

Covercraft hitch Lock Hole Cover The hitch lock hole cover has five key features, including the ability to lock the bike to a hitch receiver for transport or storage, the ability to open and close the hitch, the ability to add a stake pocket onto which you can screw in the keys and a key holder. The hitch lock hole allows you to have a secure, comfortable fit in a vehicle and it can add protection against theft. This is one of the best bike covers because of the large size and the breathable, waterproof properties it offers. It also has a durable, lock hole opening for easy access to the bike.

Schwinn Airdyne Bike Cover Another very popular product is the Schwinn airdyne bike cover. This is the top selling bike cover by Schwinn and it comes in several different designs. Its key features include the ability to provide warmth for winter and coolness during the summer, resistance to dirt and stains, and the ability to be customized with your own graphics.

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